Lamenting brutal murder of the quilombola leader Bernadette Pacifico

Bernadete Pacífico, líder quilombola, foi assassinada na Bahia — Foto: Conaq

Forests & Finance repudiates the murder of the Brazilian quilombola leader and member of the National Coordination for the Coordination of Rural Black Quilombola Communities (CONAQ), Bernadete Pacífico. Mother Bernadette, as she was known, was executed on Thursday night (August 17th) in her territory, which was invaded by gunmen who took members of the community hostage and shot Mother Bernadette. She was under special protection by the Brazilian State due to threats already suffered previously.

A few days ago, Bernadette denounced the threats that she and other members of her community, Pitanga dos Palmares, had been suffering, during a meeting with the president of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Rosa Weber.

Bernadette lost her son, Binho do Quilombo, also murdered in a land dispute, in 2017.

This brutal murder adds to several violent deaths that have accumulated over the years in Brazil. CONAQ reports that since 2013 it has recorded 30 executions of quilombolas. Most of the victims were leaders and most of the murders took place inside the quilombos, with the use of firearms, without the victims having a chance to defend themselves.

Forests & Finance asks the Federal Government and the Government of the State of Bahia to swiftly and efficiently carry out investigations and bring to trial the executors and those responsible for this barbaric crime.

Bernadete Pacífico, líder quilombola, foi assassinada na Bahia — Foto: Conaq