About Us

Forests & Finance is an initiative by a coalition of campaign and research organisations including Rainforest Action Network, TuK Indonesia, Profundo, Amazon Watch, Repórter Brasil, BankTrack, Sahabat Alam Malaysia and Friends of the Earth US. Collectively we seek to prevent financial institutions from facilitating environmental and social abuses common in forest risk commodities. We seek to achieve this through improved financial sector transparency, policies, systems and regulations. The content of the website is updated on a regular basis. Below is a description of the main roles of each organization in the Forests & Finance Coalition.

Shinning a light on deforestation

A Coalition Seeking Change

RAN organization

Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Action Network (RAN) preserves forests, protects the climate and upholds human rights by challenging corporate power and systemic injustice through frontline partnerships and strategic campaigns. RAN is primarily responsible for international campaigning and media outreach, website maintenance and expansion and building a grassroots network of local CSOs in tropical forest countries.

Tuk Indonesia

TuK Indonesia

TuK Indonesia is an Indonesian CSO working for the respect, protection and fulfilment of human rights and social justice by the state and non-state actors in the fields of policies, programmes and activities of agribusiness and natural resources management. TuK Indonesia works on campaigning and lobbying in Indonesia, developing case studies and capacity building and mobilisation of Indonesian CSOs.



Profundo’s objective is to provide policy, economic, financial and legal research with a high social relevance, supporting the transition to a sustainable economy and increasing social justice at a global level. Profundo is primarily responsible for the research carried out in Forests & Finance. This includes financial flows research, financial institution policy assessments, and report writing.

Repórter Brasil

Repórter Brasil

Repórter Brasil is a Brazilian CSO which aims to identify and make public situations that hurt labour rights and cause socio-environmental damage in Brazil with a view to mobilizing social, political and economic leaders to build a more just, equal and democratic society that respects human rights. Repórter Brasil works with the Forests & Finance Coalition on campaigning and lobbying in Brazil, developing case studies and capacity building and mobilisation of Brazilian CSOs.

Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch is a nonprofit organization founded to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. It partners with Indigenous and environmental organizations in campaigns for human rights, corporate accountability and the preservation of the Amazon’s ecological systems. Amazon Watch works with the Forests & Finance Coalition on collaborating with Indigenous organizations in Brazil, reaching out to the media in the US, as well as campaigning, lobbying and engaging with financial institutions in the US.



BankTrack is the international tracking, campaigning and CSO support organisation targeting private sector commercial banks and the activities they finance. BankTrack works with the Forests & Finance Coalition on reaching out to international CSOs, the financial sector and media worldwide. BankTrack also plays a role in engagement with banks and capacity building in tropical forest countries.

Sahabat Alam Malaysia - Friends Of The Earth Malaysia

Sahabat alam malaysia – Friends of the earth Malaysia

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) was established to ensure that the country’s development choices and management of natural resources are guided by the principles of environmental justice; working closely with indigenous, fishing, farming and other local communities and advocating for improved policies and laws. SAM works with the Forests & Finance Coalition on reaching out to the financial sector, government bodies, media and CSOs in Malaysia. SAM also works on finance-campaign capacity building with local CSOs.

Friends of the earth US

Friends of the Earth U.S. is the U.S. member of the Friends of the Earth International Federation. For over fifty years it has fought for a more healthy and just world through public policy advocacy, corporate campaigning, strategic litigation and grassroots mobilization. FoE US defends and protects forests, lands and human rights by pushing for change at the largest financial institutions in the U.S. As part of efforts on forests & finance, it co-manages DeforestationFreeFunds.org.