Forests & Finance assesses the finance received by over 300 companies directly involved in the beef, soy, palm oil, pulp and paper, rubber and timber supply chains, whose operations may impact natural tropical forests and the communities that rely on them in Southeast Asia, Central and West Africa, and parts of South America. A beta dataset also assesses the finance received by 22 mining companies operating in the same regions.

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Explore how much money flows into different forest-risk commodity sectors across tropical forest areas during specific timeframes.

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Dig deeper into our database of banks, investors, and deforestation-risk companies, with up to 10 search criteria options.

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See how banks and investors measure up on environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies and their exposure to forest-risks


“TIAA invests massively in fossil fuels, including Exxon, Chevron, Enbridge, BP, Shell, Adani (coal), & more. With $1.4 trillion in assets, TIAA is ignoring the demand for a livable future by those whose pensions it invests: higher ed. workers, and health workers” – @TIAADivest

@CGF_The_Forum @ProcterGamble @MDLZ @Hersheys @Colgate @Nestle @Unilever @RAN @foe_us @TIAADivest @Bike_at_W4 @WECAN_INTL @sunrisekidsnyc @greenfaithworld @350NYC @nychange @350brooklyn Next stop: Activists made a stop at @TIAA’s office.

TIAA, a massive pension fund for teachers, is bankrolling the climate crisis through its funding of logging, deforestation, and fossil fuels. 🔥🤑

Stop Land Grabs @StopLandGrabs

Who’s funding the climate crisis? @TIAA @BlackRock and Wall Street, that’s who!

We’re outside HQ demanding these corporations divest from #FossilFuels and land grabbing! 👊

@TIAADivest @ActionAidUSA @POW_no_fracking

@CGF_The_Forum @ProcterGamble @MDLZ @Hersheys @Colgate @Nestle @Unilever @RAN @foe_us Indigenous communities + forest protectors are facing violence & criminalization from commodity suppliers, while @CGF_The_Forum companies promote themselves as environmental champions.

That’s why activists disrupted a CGF meeting to expose the hypocrisy!

As the world’s largest asset manager with investments in deforestation + fossil fuels, @BlackRock plays a massive role in harming frontline communities & is failing on its climate commitments.💥
#ClimateWeek #DefundDeforestation #BlameWallStreet

Wow! What an incredible day of climate action yesterday 9/22!

Yesterday, dozens of activists gathered up in New York City to call out greenwashing from the @CGF_The_Forum, @BlackRock, and @TIAA.

Here’s a recap thread: 🧵

“Honest government add – visit Brazil” says “(we) helped our agribusiness mates clear the forest to grow soy and beef so they can keep making the ching-ching”.

Apart from the agro-boys, the finance-boys also did very well….

Fundo Norueguês quer que todas as empresas em que investe alcancem emissões líquidas zero de GEE até 2050.

É fundamental que as empresas reduzam drasticamente suas emissoes, em vez de as compensar com créditos de carbono.

“Banks face the risk of being sued if they don’t stick to their climate goals or try “greenwashing” their image, a top European Central Bank (ECB) supervisor said on Thursday.”

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Beta Data Set

Explore The Role that Mining Finance Plays In Deforestation

Forests & Finance has launched a new dataset (in beta version), which assesses the finance received by mining companies whose operations may impact natural tropical forests and the communities that rely on them in Southeast Asia, Central and West Africa, and parts of South America.

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How The Data Was
Obtained and Processed

  • Scope of the data

    This project assesses the financial services received by over 300 companies directly involved in the beef, soy, palm oil, pulp and paper, rubber, and tropical timber (“forest-risk sector”) supply chains, whose operations impact natural tropical forests in Southeast Asia, Central, and West Africa, and parts of South America.

  • Source of the data

    The financial data was retrieved from: financial databases (Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Thomson EMAXX, TradeFinanceAnalytics, and IJGlobal); company reports (annual, interim, quarterly) and other company publications; company register filings; as well as media and analyst reports. These were used to identify corporate loans and underwriting facilities provided to the selected companies for the period 2013-2020 (April), and bondholding and shareholding data for April 2021.

  • Adjustment of the data

    Companies with business activities outside of the forest-risk sector had recorded amounts reduced to more accurately present the proportion of financing that can be reasonably attributed to the forest-risk sector operations of the selected company, in the selected regions (see Adjusters).

For more information, please see the methodology section.

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Featured Story Using Our Data

Banking Centers of Brazil, Indonesia, China, the United States and Japan Are Bankrolling Global Deforestation, New Analysis Finds

More than USD 238 billion in credit has been provided to companies driving tropical deforestation globally since the Paris Climate Agreement

Banker grinding down trees to make money

A Coalition Seeking Change

We seek to improve financial sector transparency, policies, systems, and regulations to prevent financial institutions from facilitating systemic adverse Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)  impacts that are all too common in the operations of many forest-risk commodity sector companies.

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