Forests & Finance assesses the finance received by over 300 companies directly involved in the beef, soy, palm oil, pulp and paper, rubber and timber supply chains, whose operations may impact natural tropical forests and the communities that rely on them in Southeast Asia, Central and West Africa, and parts of South America.

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Explore how much money flows into different forest-risk commodity sectors across tropical forest areas during specific timeframes.

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See how banks and investors measure up on environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies and their exposure to forest-risks


Northern Pulp’s owner is set to acquire the North American pulp and paper giant Domtar.

If it goes through it will put at its helm the family that controls APP, internationally inafamous for human rights abuses and deforestation.

Shareholders: vote NO

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Paper Excellence's very big deal

Northern Pulp’s parent company is set to acquire the North American pulp and paper giant Domtar. While the a…

68 organizations from around the world urge Domtar shareholders, financiers, and customers to oppose acquisition by Paper Excellence, a #pulp and #paper producer associated with a corporate empire with a history of human rights and environmental abuses

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O Financial Times criticou a falta de ação do governo no combate ao desmatamento.

“É hora dos investidores mandarem um sinal de US$ 7 trilhões para Brasília de que, a menos que o desmatamento diminua, eles vão se desfazer de seus ativos [no país]”.

Financial Times@FT

Brazil should pay for not halting deforestation | opinion

O banco central ~DO NADA~ resolve fazer a maior compra de ouro dos ultimos 21 anos. 41 toneladas.

Engraçado que, nos ultimos 3 anos, os GARIMPOS ilegais em terras indígenas tenham explodido.


.@jpmorgan, @Citi, @DeutscheBank, @HSBC & @GoldmanSachs have secretly been #BankingOnAmazonDestruction, but we’re here to call them out. We SEE you! Join us in demanding that they stop financing oil expansion and adopt Amazon-wide crude exclusion policies.

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How The Data Was
Obtained and Processed

  • Scope of the data

    This project assesses the financial services received by over 300 companies directly involved in the beef, soy, palm oil, pulp and paper, rubber, and tropical timber (“forest-risk sector”) supply chains, whose operations impact natural tropical forests in Southeast Asia, Central, and West Africa, and parts of South America.

  • Source of the data

    The financial data was retrieved from: financial databases (Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Thomson EMAXX, TradeFinanceAnalytics, and IJGlobal); company reports (annual, interim, quarterly) and other company publications; company register filings; as well as media and analyst reports. These were used to identify corporate loans and underwriting facilities provided to the selected companies for the period 2013-2020 (April), and bondholding and shareholding data for April 2021.

  • Adjustment of the data

    Companies with business activities outside of the forest-risk sector had recorded amounts reduced to more accurately present the proportion of financing that can be reasonably attributed to the forest-risk sector operations of the selected company, in the selected regions (see Adjusters).

For more information, please see the methodology section.

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Featured Story Using Our Data

Two Sides of the Same Coin: How the Pulp and Paper Industry Is Profiting From Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

Agriculture and cattle ranching are the notorious drivers of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. But the cattle and soy industry are only one side of the coin, with pulp & paper companies refusing to carry the blame because they do not directly burn the land – other industries do that for them.

Banker grinding down trees to make money

A Coalition Seeking Change

We seek to improve financial sector transparency, policies, systems, and regulations to prevent financial institutions from facilitating systemic adverse Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)  impacts that are all too common in the operations of many forest-risk commodity sector companies.

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