Impacts of Finance on Brazilian Tropical Forests

On July 28th, the Forests & Finance coalition, along with project “Water Connection”, promoted a debate in the Auditorium of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the state of Pará/Brazil (MPF-PA), in which the relationship between finance and deforestation was discussed. The activity took place in Belém, the capital of Pará that simultaneously hosted the tenth Panamazonic Social Forum (FOSPA).

With the presence of representatives of the state and social organizations, the activity was marked by a common commitment to build mechanisms for the control and social regulation of financial activities that impact tropical forests and their peoples. In addition, experiences of research, monitoring and reporting of ecologically destructive undertakings were shared.

Speakers at the event:

  • Felipe de Moura Palha e Silva (Chief Prosecutor of the Attorney General’s Office in Pará)
  • Tarcísio Feitosa da Silva (Researcher/Consultant. Contributing Member of Forests & Finance)
  • Merel Van der Mark (Coordinator of the Forests & Finance Coalition)
  • Sandra Akemi Shimada Kishi (Regional Attorney of the Republic and Manager of the Water Connection Project — 4ªCCR/MPF)
  • Maria Rosa Darrigo (Researcher and Member of the Forests & Finance’s Brazil working group)
  • Carlos Souza Jr. (Associate Researcher — Imazon and Coordinator of the PrevisIA Platform)
  • Marcel Gomes (Executive Secretary — Repórter Brasil)
  • Carlos Alberto Pinto dos Santos (President of the National Council of Traditional Peoples and Communities — CNPCT)
  • Maíra Luísa Milani de Lima (Comptroller General of the Union’s (CGU) Finance and Control Auditor)